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Abstract-Wing-Necklace   Abstract Wing Necklace - bib necklace with mint & brown resin stones
Alamere-Bib   Alamere Bib - multicolor crystal statement necklace
Allemande-Turquoise   Allemande Fringe Drops - turquoise statement earrings
Alpenglow-Drops   Alpenglow Statement Earrings - sapphire blue drop earrings
Antico-Pendant-Necklace   Antico Pendant Necklace - clear glass crystal statement necklace
Aqua-Lush-Drops   Aqua Lush Drops - blue crystal statement earrings
dotamethyst   Arm Candy Crystal Bracelet - gold tone bracelet with purple crystals
dotblu2   Arm Candy Crystal Bracelet - stackable bracelet with big blue crystals
Arrowhead-Drops   Arrowhead Drops - rhinestone earrings
Asymmetrical-Flower-Bib   Asymmetrical Flower Necklace - clear stone & crystal statement necklace
Aurora-Drops   Aurora Drops - AB glass crystal earrings
Aztec-Poppy-Drops   Aztec Poppy Drops - rhinestone statement earrings
Bboxblue   Bauble Box Bib - double strand blue bib necklace
Bboxmint   Bauble Box Bib - mint statement bib necklace
Wrap-Turquoise-Agate   Bead Wrap Bracelet - blue agate wrap bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Gray-Pearl   Bead Wrap Bracelet - gray glass pearl bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-lavender   Bead Wrap Bracelet - lavender wrap bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Black   Bead Wrap Bracelet - marble black bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Blue-Agate   Bead Wrap Bracelet - marble blue bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Mint   Bead Wrap Bracelet - mint glass bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-pink-green   Bead Wrap Bracelet - multi-color bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-purple-red   Bead Wrap Bracelet - multi-color bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Red   Bead Wrap Bracelet - red bead bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-turquoise-silver   Bead Wrap Bracelet - turquoise bracelet with leather cord
Wrap-Yellow-Agate   Bead Wrap Bracelet - yellow glass bead bracelet with leather cord
Cube1   Beaded Collar Necklace - mint green bib necklace
Bijou-Cuff-Yellow   Bijou Cluster Cuff - glass crystal embellished cuff bracelet
Bijou-Cuff-Pink   Bijou Cluster Cuff - pink glass crystal embellished cuff bracelet
Bijou-Cuff-Teal   Bijou Cluster Cuff - turquoise glass crystal embellished cuff bracelet
Bubble-Necklace-Black   Black Bubble Necklace - bib style bead necklace with gold chain
Black-Gem-Fringe   Black Gem Fringe Bib - chunky statement fringe necklace
Blooming-Petal-White   Blooming Petal Necklace - white crystal statement necklace
Red-Bow-Bracelet   Bow Bracelet - cute red bangle accented with rhinestones and crystals
Braided-Chain-Necklace   Braided Chain Necklace - multi layer statement necklace in orange & blue
Breccia-Drops   Breccia Drops - multicolor crystal statement earrings
Bright-Jewel-Cuff-Blue   Bright Jewel Cuff - colorful open cuff bracelet with mixed stones
Bubble-Necklace-blue   Bubble Necklace - royal blue statement bib necklace
Burgundy-Blue-Crystal   Burgundy Crystal Necklace - mixed media statement collar bib necklace
Fancoral   Cabochon Fan Necklace - coral bib necklace with resin stones & crystals
Fangrn   Cabochon Fan Necklace - neon green crystal bib necklace
Chan-s-black   Chandelier earrings - black earrings with dangle stone droplets
Chan-s-blue   Chandelier earrings - blue statement drop earrings in gold tone
Chan-s-coral   Chandelier earrings - coral earrings with dangle teardrop beads
Chan-s-olive   Chandelier earrings - green earrings with dangle drops in gold tone
Chan-s-lav   Chandelier earrings - lavender earrings with dangle stone droplets
Chan-s-mint   Chandelier earrings - mint drop earrings with dangle stone beads
Chan-s-purple   Chandelier earrings - purple earrings with dangle stone beads
Chan-s-red   Chandelier earrings - red statement earrings with dangle drops
Chan-s-rose   Chandelier earrings - rosy pink earrings with dangle stone beads
Chan-s-tur   Chandelier earrings - turquoise drop earrings with dangle stone beads
Chandelier-Marble-Drops   Chandelier Marble Drops - chunky crystal statement earrings
Chelsea-Crystal-Cuff   Chelsea Crystal Cuff - glass crystal embellished cuff bracelet
Chrysanthemum-Drops   Chrysanthemum Drops - mixed stone and rhinestone earrings
Claude-Geometric-Bib   Claude Geometric Bib - turquoise blue crystal statement necklace
Clear-Crystal-Collar   Clear Crystal Collar - rhinestone statement necklace
Clear-Glass-Drops   Clear Glass Drops - glass crystal teardrop earrings
Cascadingcoral   Cluster Drop Necklace - coral red bib necklace with cascading bead drops
Cluster-Pearl-Bib   Cluster Pearl Bib - crystal and pearl bauble necklace
Mix-Color-Drop-Earrings   Color Mix Drop Earrings - crystal chandelier earrings with pink droplets
Earstone8   Colorful Crystal Earrings - oversized dangling crystal earrings
Crystal-Bracelet-Coral   Coral Crystal Bracelet - wide cuff bracelet with chunky jewel cluster
Earstone1   Coral Stone Earrings - coral earrings with purple & lavender accents
Crystal-Pearl-Drop   Crystal and Pearl Drop Necklace - chunky pearl statement necklace
TortoiseDrops   Crystal and Tortoise Statement Earrings
Earstone10   Crystal Burst Earrings - mixed white and blue earrings
Crystal-Circle-Necklace   Crystal Circle Necklace - clear glass crystal statement necklace
Crystal-Cluster-Drops   Crystal Cluster Drops - clear glass crystal earrings
katecluster   Crystal Cluster Necklace - silver tone glass crytal bib necklace
Crystal-Collage-Blue   Crystal Collage Necklace - Blue stone bib with green accent
Crystal-Collage-Orange   Crystal Collage Necklace - Orange stone bib with blue accent
Crystal-Drop-Pendant   Crystal Drop Pendant - gold tone glass crystal statement necklace
Crystal-Flower-Drops   Crystal Flower Earrings - oversized glass crystal earrings
Crystal-Fringe-Blue   Crystal Fringe Necklace - chunky fringe sapphire strand necklace
Crystal-Fringe-BB   Crystal Fringe Necklace - glass crystal statement bib necklace
Pink-Fringed-Drops   Crystal Fringed Drops - fuchsia stone and rhinestone earrings
Crystal-Spike-Earrings   Crystal Spike Earrings - oversized statement earrings with green accents
Blue-Crystal-Teardrops   Crystal Teardrop Earrings - blue statement earrings
fanearringscoral   Crystal Twinkle Statement Earrings - coral pink chandelier earrings
fanearringsblue   Crystal Twinkle Statement Earrings - turquoise chandelier earrings
eardrop4   Dangle Drop Earrings - lime green earrings with aqua blue droplets
eardrop1   Dangle Drop Earrings - pink earrings with mint teardrop stone beads
eardrop3   Dangle Drop Earrings - yellow earrings with orange teardrop beads
Dayna-Drops   Dayna Drops - multicolor crystal statement earrings
Crystal-Squares-Necklace   Dazzling Crystal Squares Bib - red statement necklace with black accents
Pave-Black   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Blue   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Deep-Pink   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Jelly-Blue   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Jelly-Light-Pink   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Jelly-Pink   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Jelly-Red   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Lavender   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Metallic-Gold   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Metallic-Gray   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Metallic-Silver   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Neon-Blue   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Neon-Green   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Neon-Orange   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Neon-Yellow   Double Sided Earrings
Pave-Yellow   Double Sided Earrings
Double-Black   Double Sided Earrings - black double studs
Double-Metallic-Gray   Double Sided Earrings - metallic dark gray double studs
Double-Metallic-Gold   Double Sided Earrings - metallic gold double stud earrings
Double-Mint   Double Sided Earrings - mint double studs
Double-Pave-White   Double Sided Earrings - pavé & white pearl double studs
Pave-Matte-Blue   Double Sided Earrings - pave & blue pearl double studs
Pave-Matte-Gray   Double Sided Earrings - pave & gray pearl double studs
Pave-Matte-Orange   Double Sided Earrings - pave & orange pearl double studs
Pave-Pearl-Pink   Double Sided Earrings - pave & pink pearl double studs
Pave-Matte-Purple   Double Sided Earrings - pave & purple pearl double studs
Pave-Pearl-Purple   Double Sided Earrings - pave & purple pearl double studs
Double-Pearl-Gold   Double Sided Pearl Earrings - double pearl gold stud earrings
Double-Pearl-Silver   Double Sided Pearl Earrings - double pearl silver stud earrings
Ethereal-Cuff-AB   Ethereal Crystal Cuff - rhinestone embellished thin wire cuff bracelet
Ethereal-Cuff-Pink   Ethereal Crystal Cuff - rhinestone embellished thin wire cuff bracelet
Ethereal-Cuff-Purple   Ethereal Crystal Cuff - rhinestone embellished thin wire cuff bracelet
Everitt-Drops   Everitt Drops - blue opalescent resin drop earrings
Exosphere-Drops   Exosphere Drops - deep blue statement earrings
Fanned-Gem-Aqua   Fanned Gem Bib - aqua blue floral necklace
Fanned-Gem-Clear   Fanned Gem Bib - clear rhinestone necklace
Fanned-Gem-Pink   Fanned Gem Bib - dusty pink floral necklace
Flora-Bracelet   Flora Bracelet - cuff bracelet with clear glass crystals and rhinestones
Floral-Cluster-Bib   Floral Cluster Necklace - chunky crystal statement necklace
Floral-Seafoam-Bib   Floral Gem Bib - seafoam green and white stone bead
Rose-Flower-Drops   Flower Drop Earrings - rose pink floral earrings
Flower-Post-Earrings   Flower Post Earrings - crystal mint earrings with lavender accent
Flower-Web-Coral   Flower Web Necklace - glass crystal statement necklace
Flower-Web-Necklace   Flower Web Necklace - mint and pink floral crystal statement necklace
Frosted-Lake-Bib   Frosted Lake Bib - blue and gray gem necklace
Gardenia-Necklace   Gardenia Necklace - mint gem bib with purple accent
Garland-Pearl-Collar   Garland Pearl Collar - pearl cluster necklace with neon orange stones
Glamour-District-Collar   Glamour District Collar - teal blue rhinestone necklace
Plate-Pearl-Drops   Golden Plate and Gray Pearl Earrings
Golden-Trio-Crystal   Golden Trio Statement Necklace - glass crystal bib necklace
Braided-Bangle-Green   Green Leather Braided Bangle - rhinestone embellished bracelet
Icelandica-Drops   Icelandica Drop Earrings - emerald green statement earrings
Jeweled-Arrow-Posts   Jeweled Arrow Posts - aqua and pink glass gem earrings
Jeweled-Fresco-Studs   Jeweled Fresco Clip On Earrings - multi-color glass crystal earrings
Pendant-Necklace-Yellow   Jeweled Pendant Necklace - blue, purple & yellow cluster pendant
Kaleidoscope-Green   Kaleidoscope Drops - mixed crystal statement earrings
Katie-Mint-Necklace   Katie Necklace - mint stone crystal bib with purple accent
Lacy-Red-Bib-Necklace-   Lacy Red Bib Necklace - vintage inspired crystal statement necklace
Larissa-Drops   Larissa Chandelier Drops - pink and coral statement earrings
Bubble-lavender   Lavender Bubble Necklace - purple statement bib necklace
5-Wrap-Pink   Leather Bead Wrap Bracelet
Bubble-light-pink   Light Pink Bubble Necklace
Long-Drop-Earrings   Long Drop Earrings - neon yellow accent earrings with crystal droplets
Seven-Strand-Blue   Long Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace - cobalt blue necklace
Madeline-Drops   Madeline Fringe Drops - pink statement earrings
Maincy-Drops   Maincy Drops - purple crystal statement earrings
Marble-Burst-Drops   Marble Burst Drops - turquoise statement earrings
Marika-Crystal-Necklace   Marika Crystal Necklace - clear glass crystal statement necklace
Marlena-Mint-Necklace   Marlena Mint Necklace - mixed stone and crystal statement bib necklace
Marzia-Rhinestone-Drops   Marzia Rhinestone Drops - oversized statement earrings
Matira-Pink-Drops   Matira Pink Drops - glass crystal statement earrings
Bubble-Faceted-Mint   Mint Bubble Necklace
Bubble-Necklace-Mint   Mint Bubble Necklace - chunky bib necklace with cascading baubles
Mint-Gem-Posts   Mint Gem Posts - rhinestone stud earrings
Mint-Shield-Bib   Mint Shield Bib - pearl and rhinestone statement necklace
Modern-Pinwheel-Posts   Modern Pinwheel Posts - clear glass crystal earrings
Multimint1   Multi Colored Earrings - chandelier earrings with mixed color stones
Multigreen   Multi Colored Earrings - chunky dangle earrings with mixed color stones
Multiorange   Multi Colored Earrings - statement earrings with mixed color stones
Seven-Strand-Black   Multi-Layer Black Bead Necklace - bold statement necklace
Seven-Strand-Navy   Multi-Layered Beaded Necklace - navy beaded strands
Wrap-silver-gold   Multi-row Bead Wrap Bracelet
5-Wrap-Turquoise   Multi-row Beaded Wrap Bracelet
7-Strand-Coral   Multi-Strand Bead Necklace - warm coral necklace
Seven-Strand-Mint   Multi-Strand Beaded Statement Necklace - mint necklace
Pendant-Necklace-Green   Multicolored Pendant Necklace - blue, green & yellow cluster pendant
Multicolored-stone-bangle   Multicolored stone bangle - wide statement bangle bracelet
Bubble-Navy   Navy Blue Bubble Necklace - gold tone statement bib necklace
Yellow-Neon-Necklace   Neon bib necklace - yellow floral necklace made of stone clusters
Painted-Stone-Pink   Painted Stone Necklace - pink teardrop bib necklace with silver chain
Painted-Stone-Turquoise   Painted Stone Necklace - turquoise teardrop bib necklace with silver chain
Peacock-Feather-Drops   Peacock Feather Drops - mixed crystal statement earrings
Pearl-Rhinestone-Collar   Pearl and Crystal Collar - rhinestone statement necklace
Pearl-Crystal-Pendant   Pearl and Crystal Pendant Necklace - rhinestone statement necklace
Pearl-Burst-Bib   Pearl Burst Necklace - pearl bead cluster statement necklace
Pearl-Flower-Necklace   Pearl Flower Necklace - white collar necklace with pearl floral clusters
Double-Strand-pearl   Pearl Necklace - double strand bib with faux pearls & black resin stones
Pearl-double-strand   Pearl Necklace - double-strand pearl statement necklace
Pearl-twist-bib   Pearl Twist Necklace - multi-strand pearl statement necklace
Pointed-Fringe-Necklace   Pointed Fringe Necklace - crystal collar bib necklace with rhinestones
Bubble-Necklace-plum   Purple Bubble Necklace - chunky bauble necklace in rich plum shade
Purple-Pansy-Bib   Purple Pansy Bib Necklace - gold tone flower statement necklace
Radiating-Crystal-Posts   Radiating Crystal Posts - hot pink earrings with glass crystals
Bubble-Necklace-red   Red Bubble Necklace - bauble bib necklace with hanging beads
Retro-Bauble-blue   Retro Bauble Necklace - blue statement necklace bib style
Retro-Bauble-blush   Retro Bauble Necklace - blush bib necklace
Retro-Bauble-black   Retro Bauble Necklace - chunky black statement bib necklace
Retro-Bauble-olive-green   Retro Bauble Necklace - chunky olive green bib necklace
Retro-Bauble-coral   Retro Bauble Necklace - coral bib necklace with drop beads
Retro-Bauble-gray   Retro Bauble Necklace - gray beaded bib necklace with drop beads
Retro-Bauble-lavender   Retro Bauble Necklace - lavender bib necklace
Retro-Bauble-mint   Retro Bauble Necklace - mint bib necklace with hanging beads
Retro-Bauble-turquoise   Retro Bauble Necklace - turquoise bib necklace with hanging beads
Rhinestone-Drop-Bib   Rhinestone Drop Necklace - clear crystal statement bib necklace
Rhinestone-Flower-Bracelet   Rhinestone Flower Bracelet - cuff bracelet with clear glass crystals
Rose-Bloom-Yellow   Rose Bloom Bib - chunky flower statement necklace

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