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Rose-Bloom-Bib   Rose Bloom Bib - hot pink chunky flower statement necklace
Rose-Dawn-Drops   Rose Dawn Drops - pink opalescent resin drop earrings
Rose-Garden   Rose Garden Bib - multicolor chunky flower statement necklace
Serpa-Cluster-Posts   Serpa Cluster Posts - white and clear glass crystal earrings
Sherbet-Posts   Sherbet Posts - pink stud earrings
Snowflake-Studs   Sparkly Snowflake Posts - glass crystal statement earrings
Stacked-Crystal-Bib   Stacked Crystal Bib - collar necklace with gems on clear faceted stones
Pendant-Necklace-Blue   Statement Pendant Necklace - light lavender & coral cluster pendant
Aqua-Stone-Bib   Stone bib necklace - aqua blue floral necklace
Black-Stone-Bib   Stone bib necklace - black floral cluster necklace
Cobalt-Stone-Bib   Stone bib necklace - cobalt blue floral necklace
Mint-Stone-Bib   Stone bib necklace - mint floral cluster necklace
Pink-Neon-Necklace   Stone bib necklace - pink floral necklace made of stone clusters
Red-Stone-Bib   Stone bib necklace - red floral necklace
Stone-Burst-Drops   Stone Burst Drops - mint and yellow statement earrings
Sunset-Field-Bib   Sunset Field Bib - mixed gem necklace
symmetricalblue   Symmetrical Crystal Earrings - long earrings in light blue
Earstone5   Symmetrical Crystal Earrings - long green statement earrings
Tassel-Necklace   Tassel Necklace - gold tone statement pendant necklace
Teardrop-Bib-blue   Teardrop Bib Necklace - blue bead necklace with ribbon tie
Teardrop-Bib-coral   Teardrop Bib Necklace - double strand coral necklace with beads
Teardrop-Bib-Turquoise   Teardrop Bib Necklace - turquoise necklace with briolette beads
Triplebeadblue   Three Strand Bead Necklace - purple & navy blue necklace in silver tone
Earstone2   Tortoise Earrings - chunky statement earrings
Triangular-Mint-Posts   Triangular Mint Posts - glass crystal statement post earrings
Tripletta-Drops   Tripletta Stone Earrings - marbled blue drop earrings
Turquoise-Glass-Drops   Turquoise Glass Drops - glass crystal teardrop earrings
Twist-Bangle   Twist Bangle Bracelet - crystal and rhinestone embellished cuff bracelet
Vibrant-Gem-Bib   Vibrant Gem Bib - multicolor crystal statement necklace
Vitae-Crystal-Cuff   Vitae Crystal Cuff - mint glass crystal embellished cuff bracelet
Wire-B3-G   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - gold bangle with black agate gemstones
Wire-I7-G   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - gold bangle with purple glass stones
Wire-B1-G   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - gold bangle with turquoise stones
Wire-B2-G   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - gold bangle with white stones
Wire-I8-S   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - silver bangle with AB glass stones
Wire-B3-S   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - silver bangle with black agate gemstone
Wire-B1-S   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - silver bangle with turquoise stones
Wire-B2-S   Wire Wrapped Stone Bangle - silver bangle with white stones
Braided-Bangle-Yellow   Yellow Leather Braided Bangle - rhinestone embellished bracelet
Sunflower-Studs   Yellow Sunflower Studs – dainty post earrings with yellow & orange gems
Zircon-Pearl-Posts   Zircon Crystal and Pearl Posts

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